Sermon No: 879-Life in the wilderness

SERMON TOPIC: Life in the wilderness

Speaker: Richard Bandawo

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 19 August 2012

Topic Groups: SUFFERING

Sermon synopsis: The wilderness was – and still is – the setting for divine acts of grace: revelation, protection, and preparation.
The wilderness has always been the setting for intense encounters with God;
It is a place where God has always done some of His best work.
Many great people of the Bible spent a lot of time in the wilderness.
Noah: 40 days in a boat out in landless seas is a wilderness experience.
Moses: In wilderness for 40 years after he killed an Egyptian.
David was king in Israel for 40 years after a wilderness experience.
Elijah: Spent 40 days in a wilderness.
Jesus was tempted after fasting 40 days in the wilderness.