Not a Fan - Sermon 5

SERMON TOPIC: Not a Fan - Sermon 5

Speaker: Des Burrows

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 3 July 2011


Sermon synopsis: READ John 8:1-11.
We read about Jesus teaching in the courtyard one morning. His teaching is interrupted by an angry mob that bursts onto the scene. The mob is made up of the religious leaders of His day.
Being pushed along on the crest of the mob is this woman, and perhaps she is dressed in nothing but a bed sheet as she is shoved to the dirt on the ground in front of Jesus.
One of the religious leaders gives the accusation to Jesus and says, 'We found this woman in bed with a man that was not her husband. The Law says we stone her. What do you say?'
This was a pushy move by these religious leaders.
They tried to use the rules trap Jesus.
Rules can do that to us; turn us into an angry mob of sorts.
We might not form together and parade a sinner around town, although some churches would stoop to this level, but we'll huddle in whispering circles and drop someone’s name to everyone we talk to.

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