The Arab builders of Zimbabwe

SERMON TOPIC: The Arab builders of Zimbabwe

Speaker: James Mullan

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 1 January 1969

Topic Groups: STUDY

Sermon synopsis: This book is about the BaLemba, who are found in discrete groups in parts of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and the Northern Transvaal. They are undoubtedly of Arab origin, and all the evidence indicates that their 2 sections are the descendants of 2 Arab Mohammedan refugee people who fled to the East coast of Africa and then inland to Rhodesia. The first group - the followers of Suleiman and Said fled from Oman in 684 AD, and the second group - the followers of Zaid fled from the Yemen in circa 720 AD. This book gives reasons for believing that these 2 Arab people were the builder of Great Zimbabwe, the makers of the Inyanga terraces, and the engineers of the ancient mines found throughout Rhodesia.
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