Sermon No: 521-The Last Trumpet

SERMON TOPIC: The Last Trumpet

Speaker: James Mullan

Language: ENGLISH



Sermon synopsis: James Mullan was a Pre-Millennialist and a Pre-Tribulation Rapture adherent.

However unlike most who would place the Rapture between Revelation chapter 3 & 4 or at the 6th seal in chapter 6 (as did Warren Paynter), Mullan identified the 7th trumpet in Rev 11:15 with the “last trumpet” of 1 Cor 15:52.
Thus, while adopting a Futuristic approach to prophecy, he saw a 'historic' type fulfillment of the trumpets in events that occurred in the 20th century.

He identified the 'clay' nations of Daniel's 'iron mixed with clay' with the Germanic barbarians who invaded the Roman Empire and ultimately ruled most of the time in the 'Holy Roman Empire' (as covered in his book 'Germanic Clay'). Unlike those who see in the Antichrist an ultimate persecutor of Israel - in Rev 12, James Mullan thus saw in Hitler (Germany) and Mussolini (Italian / Roman) a fulfillment of these prophecies.