The gift ministries of the ascended Christ

SERMON TOPIC: The gift ministries of the ascended Christ

Speaker: James Mullan

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 1 October 1971


Sermon synopsis: James Mullan believed that, besides the leadership role of elders and deacons in the local assembly, the apostolic founder of the church also had a part to play in the leadership (as Paul did with the churches he planted). This teaching outlays his views on the subject.

It must be mentioned that in contrast the assemblies on the Rand (now called Gauteng), with their ideas of church government more influenced by Fred Mullan, remained autonomous but affiliated to the FIAM (later the AGF). Fred had believed in the autonomy of each assembly and that the church government should reside solely with the local oversight of elders and deacons, rather than having any accountability to the apostolic founder of the church. Due to the misuse of the title 'apostle' in certain circles, the Independent assemblies were generally reticent to use the term and some felt that the ministry of apostle had ceased after the 1st century church.
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