Sermon No: 50278-Wycliffe Bible Translators in SA

SERMON TOPIC: Wycliffe Bible Translators in SA

Speaker: Johanna Pillinger

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 7 July 2019


Sermon synopsis: Bible Translation is at the core of who Wycliffe are. We want to see God’s Word alive in every language, transforming lives and communities in this generation.

Almost one third of the world's 7,000 languages do not even have one translated verse of God's word. This means that nearly 300 million people are still waiting for a translation of the scriptures into the language of their hearts. While they wait they are kept from fully understanding God's love and His ways.

We are privileged to partner with indigenous churches and Bible Translation organisations around the world to bring God's Word to them sooner rather than later.

Together we are committed to beginning Bible Translation work in every language that needs it by 2025 – introducing VISION 2025!