Sermon No: 42231-Women leaders - Part 1

SERMON TOPIC: Women leaders - Part 1

Speaker: Gavin Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 5 August 2019


Sermon synopsis: Last time we looked at the qualifications for elders and their duties. But what about female elders?

We saw previously that there was a strong Scriptural case for the appointment of deaconesses. But does the same apply to elders? Many believe that while women can serve as deacons, they are not to be appointed as elders/pastors, should not teach and must not exercise any authority over a man.

Catholic, Orthodox and the Eastern churches are steadfast in their refusal to allow women into the clergy, as indeed, are many Protestant churches. What is the A/G position and can it be justified in terms of Scripture?

Women’s role in ministry: The A/G (US) affirms the ministry of women in the church and allows them to be ordained and serve in pastoral roles.