Jesus in the Old Testament - Part 1

SERMON TOPIC: Jesus in the Old Testament - Part 1

Speaker: Leston Blackburn

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 8 March 2009


Sermon synopsis: Some people view the Bible in 2 distinct, unrelated parts – the Old Testament and the New Testament. To some, the Old Testament is a collection of books written thousands of years ago in a Middle-Eastern, agricultural setting, and consequently, while it may have some value today, there are, some would say, sizeable chunks that are irrelevant to a modern, westernised world. People who hold this view will tell you that the New Testament is really what we should focus on, because it reveals Christ to us and contains teachings relevant to us as Christians and as Church. They would argue that one doesn’t see much about Jesus in the Old Testament Scriptures.

But nothing could actually be further from the truth! In fact the Old Testament gives one of the most wonderful, detailed and precise portraits of Christ that we could ever wish to see! It is just a case of knowing what to look for! I believe the primary reason God gave us the Old Testament is because He has the very vital and purposeful intention of pointing us to Christ! As St. Augustine put it, ‘The New is in the Old concealed, the Old is in the New revealed!” God has given us the Old Testament as a roadmap to the heart of the Father through the gift of the son, by the enabling and empowering of the Spirit! It points us to Christ, God come in the flesh to reconcile mankind to Himself! Indeed, to hold any other view of the Old Testament is to hold a view contrary to what Jesus taught! Jesus confirmed that the entire Old Testament was a portrait of Himself!

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