Will Russia rule the world

SERMON TOPIC: Will Russia rule the world

Speaker: Warren Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 18 August 1985

Topic Groups: PROPHECY

Sermon synopsis: Delivered in 1985 during the height of the Cold War, when the West feared the ambitions of the USSR for world domination, Warren Paynter looked at the Scriptural viewpoint regarding this.

He shows how the prominent end-time empire is not Russian, but is comprised of countries belonging to a revived Roman Empire i.e. Europe.

He also examines Ezekiel’s prophecies about Gog and Magog which speak of the future destruction of Russia - when she and her Islamic allies invade Israel.

Of course we have subsequently seen not only the dissolution of the USSR, but the rise of the European Union, not only with a common currency and increase in trade activity - but the easing of border restrictions. Ultimately the prophecies of Daniel allude to a powerful but sinister leader (the little horn) over a unified ‘United States of Europe’.

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