SERMON TOPIC: Persecution

Speaker: Ken Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 27 July 2008


Sermon synopsis: Sometimes in our trials and difficulties we feel isolated and alone. We may try and project an image that everything’s okay when inside we’re hurting.

In Jesus’ parable the storm came to both the man with his house built on the sand and the man with his house built on the rock – what is important is having the right foundation.

Besides the suffering that is common to all men, true Christians will suffer persecution when they become a threat to the powers of darkness.

A leader of a Chinese homecell asked the members “What wounds have you received for Christ this week?”

If you threaten the evil in your area, persecution will come but you can choose to live in ease if you pose no threat to Satan.

Are you a threat to Satan? Are you in enough trouble for Jesus?

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