David and Goliath

SERMON TOPIC: David and Goliath

Speaker: Ken Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 3 December 1995


Sermon synopsis: The Lord proves us in the small things.
God noticed David when he was still obscure and used him as Israel’s deliverer.
God allows us to be tested - He doesn’t just entrust His power to anyone but He’s looking for people who through testing, show that they can be trusted.

There is a parallel between David & Jesus.
Satan, like Goliath, boasted and threatened to take mankind to hell.
But Goliath wasn’t counting on a David and Satan wasn’t counting on Jesus.
Just as David refused Saul’s armour, so Jesus refused the arm of the flesh.
Jesus realized that the supernatural power at His disposal was to do God’s will and not to escape God’s will.

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