NOTES-Y5-M1- Hermeneutics

SERMON TOPIC: NOTES-Y5-M1- Hermeneutics

Speaker: Gavin Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 1 January 2024

Topic Groups: , COLLEGE-Y5-T2, COLLEGE-Y6-T2

Sermon synopsis: After this lesson you should be able to:
- Understand the definition and role of hermeneutics.
- Explain the difference between exegesis and eisegesis.
- Understand the different hermeneutics used over Church History.
- List the five key components of Biblical hermeneutics.
- Understand the four major types of hermeneutics and the different hermeneutical methods.
- Understand the role of accounting for different biblical genres in hermeneutics.
- Be aware of the study tools available to assist with interpreting the Word of God.

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