Kinross Mission School

SERMON TOPIC: Kinross Mission School

Speaker: Chris Jordan

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 14 April 2009

Topic Groups: MISSIONS

Sermon synopsis: CHALLENGES
- There is no running water or toilets at the school
- There is no electricity
- Classes are overcrowded
- Over 100 children on the waiting list
- For some children this is their only proper meal for the day
- Extremely cold in the winter
- Railway line runs next to the school
- Two more squatter camps are being moved to Afghanistan
- We have purchased 6000 m2 of land in Kinross for the development of adequate school facilities for these children
- The school will be built in phases and will accommodate Preschool to Grade 12
- Phase 1 of the new school will accommodate 200 learners
- Employ 12 teachers and 4 support staff (cleaners etc)
- Phase 1 will also include Science and Computer labs
- The education will remain “FREE” to the residents of the squatter camp.

For more details contact Chris Jordan (formerly Morris Kaly) on +27 (0) 17 631 1289 or Darryl Kaly ([email protected]).

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