BOOK - God blesses an Onion

SERMON TOPIC: BOOK - God blesses an Onion

Speaker: Maureen Onions

Language: ENGLISH



Sermon synopsis: Jesus deserves ALL the glory for anything that is ever
accomplished! But He did tell me that if I, as a scalpel, would
become one with His hand and readily submit to His leading,
He would give honour and delight to use me. I would rather
have honour from God than glory from man. His blessing
means everything!
In calling this book ‘God blesses an Onion’ in no way am I
suggesting that in the testimonies that are given, I was the only
instrument He used! Rather, I am relating from my perspective
in the full knowledge and appreciation of the fact that many
have prayed, shared, testified or participated in some way, not
to mention those who pray and support us in our ministry and
calling from God.
May you be encouraged and available to be used by Him in
whatever operation He performs, whether on an individual, or a
body of believers somewhere, counting it a privilege, as I do, in
the knowledge that anything He does is blessed!

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