The Power that Works in you

SERMON TOPIC: The Power that Works in you

Speaker: Maureen Onions

Language: ENGLISH


Topic Groups: HOLY SPIRIT

Sermon synopsis: We have One God… but there are three distinct personalities to our God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Most people understand about the Father – and there are other religions that pray to God, like the Jews. But the Son has become specially precious and essential to our faith, as without His sacrificial death, and His shed blood, we would be lost! Thank God we have come to know Him. The Holy Spirit is often quoted, and used as a benediction – but again there has been tremendous ignorance concerning Him. People like the J.W.’s teach that He is an influence, or simply the power of God. But He is a person… and has a distinct personality!
John 16:7 Jesus said that it would be to our advantage for Him to go away, and send the Holy Spirit. In what way could it be?

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