Appropriately Attired

SERMON TOPIC: Appropriately Attired

Speaker: Maureen Onions

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 1 January 2001

Topic Groups: THE HEART

Sermon synopsis: In years gone by, a lot of emphasis was placed on being dressed
appropriately! Many of us will remember how time and effort were put into special occasions in this regard! Today, fashions have changed, and it seems that anything goes!!!
While fashions and styles change ... one still needs to be dressed
appropriately for the occasion!

We live in a changing world... and there is little that remains constant! But God never changes... and that is why there is such stability in Christianity. His requirements never change either... and He has a code of dress that we need to ensure we are wearing!

This was emphasized by a story Jesus told in Matt. 22 – a man without the wedding garment on!
Man looks on the outward appearance... BUT GOD LOOKS ON THE HEART.... 1 Sam. 16:7.

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