Y4-M1-L2 Source - texts - NT

SERMON TOPIC: 2) Year4-Module1-Lecture2 Source - texts - NT

Speaker: Gavin Paynter

Language: ENGLISH

Date: 24 January 2023

Topic Groups: , COLLEGE-Y4, COLLEGE-Y5-T1

Sermon synopsis: There are 3 major Greek texts to use when translating the NT:
1) The Textus Receptus: The Greek text family (initially assembled by Erasmus) from which the KJV was translated. Similar, but not identical to the Majority Text.
2) The Critical Text (CT): the premises are “older readings, manuscripts, or manuscript groups are preferred” and “the shorter reading is the more probable reading.”
3) The Majority Text (MT): The basic premise is “Any reading overwhelmingly attested by the manuscript tradition is more likely to be original than its rival(s).”

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