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Nehemiah - Chapter 6
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 6 September 2019
Synopsis: In today’s society, there is always a looming threat of potential danger and a constant need to be vigilant. Whether its worrying about our health, the economy, our employment or the possibility of.....
Nehemiah - Chapter 5
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 19 July 2019
Synopsis: As Christians, we often think of adversity originating from more malevolent sources, forgetting that its source can sometimes originate closer to home. Nehemiah, in previous chapters, had to.....
Nehemiah - Chapter 4
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 24 May 2019
Synopsis: If we stop our reading at Chapter 3, it would appear the reconstruction of the wall went off without a hitch. Chapter 4 proves that was not the case. Throughout the chapter we can see advances,.....
Nehemiah - Chapter 3
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 4 May 2019
Synopsis: A look at the walls of Jerusalem and how they portray a picture of the Christian life.
Nehemiah - Chapter 2
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 5 April 2019
Synopsis: If you were able to end world hunger, improve the economy, leave a legacy... would you? For the most part, I’m sure most people would answer ‘Yes’. How sad then that when burdened by a need, our.....
Nehemiah - Chapter 1
Sermon by Taryn Paynter on 23 February 2019
Synopsis: The cupbearer was a high position in the court. He would have been a handsome man, well-trained in court etiquette. He would have had to be a friendly companion, willing to lend an ear and even to.....
Weapons by the wall
Sermon by Sibusiso Khoza on 12 October 2016
Synopsis: Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall. The enemy of our souls is enemy of all that is good. Walls were the first of three parts in the restoration process. 1) The walls - security 2) The houses /.....
Rebuilding the walls
Sermon by Gordon Calmeyer on 10 October 2016
Synopsis: The walls of our churches are broken down. More and more we hear people saying that Christianity has lost its way - that the church has become irrelevant But Jesus said that he would build his.....
Nehemiah rebuilding Jersualems wall
Sermon by Leston Blackburn on 30 January 2011
Synopsis: Nehemiah rebuilding Jersualems wall.