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SERMON TOPIC: Calvinism - Part 4b Limited Atonement

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 7 August 2016

Sermon synopsis: Even many Calvinists reject the belief in Limited Atonement. These 4-point Calvinists are sometimes called “moderate Calvinists”. John Bunyan (1628-1688),the author of Pilgrim’s Progress, is.....


SERMON TOPIC: Calvinism - Part 4a Limited Atonement

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 3 July 2016

Sermon synopsis: Today we will look at the 'L' in TULIP – Limited Atonement versus the Arminian concept of Unlimited Atonement. CALVINISM: Limited atonement - Only the sins of the elect were atoned for by Jesus'.....