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Y2-212- Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy - Job
Sermon by Ken Paynter on 19 March 2021
Synopsis: An overview of the books of: - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy - Job
The Job type sinner - PART 2
Sermon by Ken Paynter on 21 November 2020
Synopsis: This type of sinner has been living a blessed, God protected life and then Satan is allowed to touch them. - People are shocked by what God allows to happen to this type of sinner. - When God has.....
Authority - Part 3 - Questioning God
Sermon by Ken Paynter on 6 September 2009
Synopsis: Have you ever questioned God or any delegated authority over you? Why does God judge rebellious people more severely than those who have moral failure? Rebellion is the sin of Satan and God’s Word.....