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SERMON TOPIC: Hosea - Part 3

BY: Johnray Rennie ON: 10 June 2018

Sermon synopsis: Overview of the Book of Hosea Part 1 – the prophet's married life Part 2 – Israel’s unfaithfulness and God’s judgement on them Part 3 – Israel’s conservation and renewal


SERMON TOPIC: Hosea - Part 2

BY: Johnray Rennie ON: 25 March 2018

Sermon synopsis: Part 2 looks at Israel’s unfaithfulness and God’s judgment on them.


SERMON TOPIC: Hosea - Part 1

BY: Johnray Rennie ON: 22 October 2017

Sermon synopsis: There is more information about this period of time in the Bible than any other – including the gospel period. The name Hosea means, salvation, or He saves or He helps (important to bear in mind.....