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Y3-M3-L10- Christology Apologetics Accountability
Sermon by Ken Paynter on 20 May 2022
Synopsis: A Biblical understanding of Jesus Christ is crucial to our salvation. Many cults and world religions claim to believe in Jesus Christ. The problem is that they do not believe in the Jesus Christ.....
The Son of Man
Sermon by Gavin Paynter on 26 December 2021
Synopsis: We might be tempted to think that Jesus somehow had an unfair advantage over us. But he was truly a man and faced the same challenges we do. He was born as a helpless baby dependent on his.....
Y3-303- Practical ministry - Maturity - Christology
Sermon by Ken Paynter on 29 June 2021
Synopsis: Daniel Darling, in an online article entitled ‘Counterfeit Christ Figures We Should Stop Worshiping’, states that “Jesus seems popular these days, even at a time when Christianity seems to be facing.....