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Link to sermons on topic: ANGELS

SERMON TOPIC: Y1-M2-L5- Angels

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 9 April 2022

Sermon synopsis: The description of cherubim as they appear in heaven is very different to the way they are portrayed in art. Ezekiel’s description of the living creatures (Chayot) he later calls cherubim is very.....


SERMON TOPIC: The Job type sinner - PART 1

BY: Ken Paynter ON: 8 November 2020

Sermon synopsis: Job isn’t a story that we think of as a “persecution” story, but when you consider the book’s context it absolutely is. Many believe Job was the first book of the Bible written and therefore our.....


SERMON TOPIC: Fallen angels - Satan - Part 2

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 22 December 2019

Sermon synopsis: Just as we learn much about God’s character by studying his titles, so we learn much about Satan by his various titles. Let’s consider some of his names (or those presumed to be alternate.....


SERMON TOPIC: Fallen angels - Satan - Part 1

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 8 December 2019

Sermon synopsis: Let’s look at the following points along with some common misconceptions about Satan: - His origin - His fall - His present role and abode Was Satan in charge of music in heaven as some so.....


SERMON TOPIC: The sons of God - Part 2 - The Divine Council

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 29 September 2019

Sermon synopsis: A Divine Council is an assembly of deities over which a higher-level god presides. The term has been popularised in Christian circles of late by Dr. Michael S. Heiser. The Sons of God are.....


SERMON TOPIC: Angelology

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 25 August 2019

Sermon synopsis: Angels are mentioned 320 times in the Bible (NIV). What do angels look like? Why were they created? And what do angels do? Humans have always held a fascination for angels and angelic beings......


SERMON TOPIC: Was the Serpent in Genesis 3 a snake that could speak

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 23 June 2019

Sermon synopsis: Most Christians will recognise the term “seraph” (plural is seraphim) as referring to a class of angelic beings, distinct from the “cherubim” (singular is cherub). But what many are unaware of—and.....