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Link to sermons on topic: ABRAHAM

SERMON TOPIC: Covenants - Part 9b - The Abrahamic Covenant

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 21 March 2021

Sermon synopsis: God had insisted that the covenant would be established with Sarah’s son, even though Abraham originally tried to convince God that it would be simpler to establish it with Ishmael instead. When.....


SERMON TOPIC: Covenants - Part 9a - The Abrahamic Covenant

BY: Gavin Paynter ON: 7 March 2021

Sermon synopsis: We soon see man’s failure in the dispensation of Human Government. The command to “fill the earth” was given to Noah’s descendants (Gen 9:1). In direct contravention to this instruction, the people.....



BY: Richard Bandawo ON: 26 February 2017

Sermon synopsis: Abraham was the greatest man who ever lived and that is according to the value of the world, not only of the Word of God. First he was the most famous man. Three great religions stem from him today.....


SERMON TOPIC: God tests Abraham

BY: Richard Bandawo ON: 26 June 2011

Sermon synopsis: Before we can progress from one school class to another, we have to have a test. The purpose of the test is not so that we will fail - but to enable us to go forward. That is what God does. He.....