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Link to sermons by speaker: BEV PAYNTER

SERMON TOPIC: Y3-306- Accounting - Part 2

BY: Bev Paynter ON: 21 September 2021

Sermon synopsis: Chapter 8 - Income and Expenditure Chapter 9 - Cash Flow Statements Chapter 10 - Income Statements Chapter 11 - Budgets Chapter 12 - Break even Point Chapter 13 - Management.....


SERMON TOPIC: Y3-306- Accounting - Part 1

BY: Bev Paynter ON: 15 September 2021

Sermon synopsis: - Introduction to Administration - Introduction to Accounting - Different Types of Accounting - Accounting Terminology - Surplus and Deficit - Funds - Financial Statements


SERMON TOPIC: Y2-215- 1st and 2nd Corinthians

BY: Bev Paynter ON: 3 September 2021

Sermon synopsis: An overview of the 2 epistles from Paul to the Corinthians.


SERMON TOPIC: Y2-212- Psalms

BY: Bev Paynter ON: 26 March 2021

Sermon synopsis: It is found in the centre of the Bible. It is the longest book in the Bible. It is made up of 150 individual Psalms. It has the longest chapter in the Bible. It has the shortest chapter in the.....