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A good leader in a bad place
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 9 February 2019
Synopsis: Despite his numerous victories over wicked people like Jezebel and Ahab, Elijah still got discouraged when facing these very same people.
Tools for building
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 11 October 2016
Synopsis: Sometimes different groups are building different parts of the same wall but their efforts are not aligned and they are working against each other, allowing the enemy a gap to enter.
Uniting Leaders
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 13 October 2015
Synopsis: Uniting Leaders
Knowing your gifts
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 15 October 2014
Synopsis: AGF 2014 NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Manifestation Gifts (1Cor 12:7-10) Ministry Gifts (Eph 4:11) Motivational Gifts (Rom 12:6-8)
The Five Levels of leadership
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 17 November 2012
Synopsis: A look at why people follow their leaders.
Stay in equipping
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 10 October 2012
Synopsis: AGF 2012 annual conference at YFC Cyara: How do we change from being a minister to being a leader? Moses made seven changes to become a Leader (Exodus 18)
I have a dream
Sermon by Abel Guerreiro on 19 May 2012
Synopsis: “Vision is seeing the future in the present, built on the past.” “Vision is seeing the invisible and making it visible.” “Vision is an informed bridge from the present to the future.”