Ken & Bev Paynter
Brakpan AGF is a vibrant cross-cultural, multi-racial church that tries it's best to cater to young and old alike. We endeavour to preach the undiluted truth of God's Word and to avoid the modern tendency of trying to be politically correct. We are at the same time very conscious of the grace of God which has reached each of us in our brokenness and given us hope and strength to live a life of victory in Him, through Him and for Him. It has been my privilege to pastor the Brakpan AGF for over 2 decades, during which time I've had the joy of seeing the Lord raise up leadership around me who share my vision and who have been instrumental in the positive changes that have taken place in the assembly in recent years. We have a sense of anticipation for what God has in store for us in the future. 
(Pastor Ken Paynter)

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Our Vision

  • To reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ and to disciple them.
  • To have real genuine fellowship with each other through commitment to smaller groups.
  • To take care of the poor & needy in our own congregation & as the Lord leads outside our own church.
  • To support & encourage the persecuted church in prayer, financially and in person if God opens a door.
  • The Youth & Sunday School - Proper mentorship and adult role models.


The Job type sinner - PART 2
Ken Paynter , 21 November 2020
This type of sinner has been living a blessed, God protected life and then Satan is allowed to touch them. - People are shocked by what God allows to happen to this type of sinner. - When God has some great plan for your life, then He boasts to Satan about you, and Satan always takes up the challenge. - Satan even took up the challenge of tempting and trying to destroy the Son of man, God incarnate.

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