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Payment for College

2023 Fees:

Year 1 (Certificate in Ministry): Upfront: R1850 OR Monthly: R185 x 12 (R2220 total)
Year 2 (Associate Degree in Theology): Upfront: R2200 OR Monthly: R220 x 12 (R2640 total)
Year 3 (Bachelors Degree in Theology): Upfront: R2800 OR Monthly: R280 x 12 (R3360 total)
Year 4 (Honours Degree in Theology): Upfront: R4000 OR Monthly: R400 x 12 (R4800 total)
Years 5-6 (Masters Degree in Theology): Upfront: R3000 x 2 (R6000 total) OR Monthly: R300 x 24 (R7200 total)

An EFT can be made to the following account

(use your name as a reference)
Account name: AGF-Brakpan
Account number: 1939026822
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Brakpan (South Africa)