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RUTH 3:1 And Naomi her mother-in-law saith to her, `My daughter, do not I seek for thee rest, that it may be well with thee? RUTH 3:2 and now, is not Boaz of our acquaintance, with whose young women thou hast been? lo, he is winnowing the threshing-floor of barley to-night, RUTH 3:3 and thou hast bathed, and anointed thyself, and put thy garments upon thee, and gone down to the threshing-floor; let not thyself be known to the man till he complete to eat and to drink; RUTH 3:4 and it cometh to pass when he lieth down, that thou hast known the place where he lieth down, and hast gone in, and uncovered his feet, and lain down, -- and he doth declare to thee that which thou dost do. RUTH 3:5 And she saith unto her, `All that thou sayest -- I do. RUTH 3:6 And she goeth down `tothe threshing-floor, and doth according to all that her mother-in-law commanded her RUTH 3:7 And Boaz eateth and drinketh, and his heart is glad; and he goeth in to lie down at the end of the heap; and she cometh in gently, and uncovereth his feet, and lieth down. RUTH 3:8 And it cometh to pass, at the middle of the night, that the man trembleth, and turneth himself, and lo, a woman is lying at his feet. RUTH 3:9 And he saith, `Who `artthou?and she saith, `I `amRuth thy handmaid, and thou hast spread thy skirt over thy handmaid, for thou `arta redeemer.' RUTH 3:10 And he saith, `Blessed `artthou of Jehovah, my daughter; thou hast dealt more kindly at the latter end than at the beginning -- not to go after the young men, either poor or rich. RUTH 3:11 And now, my daughter, fear not, all that thou sayest I do to thee, for all the gate of my people doth know that thou `arta virtuous woman. RUTH 3:12 And now, surely, true, that I `ama redeemer, but also there is a redeemer nearer than I. RUTH 3:13 Lodge to night, and it hath been in the morning, if he doth redeem thee, well: he redeemeth; and if he delight not to redeem thee, then I have redeemed thee -- I; Jehovah liveth! lie down till the morning. RUTH 3:14 And she lieth down at his feet till the morning, and riseth before one doth discern another; and he saith, `Let it not be known that the woman hath come into the floor. RUTH 3:15 And he saith, `Give the covering which `ison thee, and keep hold on it;and she keepeth hold on it, and he measureth six `measuresof barley, and layeth `iton her; and he goeth into the city. RUTH 3:16 And she cometh in unto her mother-in-law, and she saith, `Who `artthou, my daughter?and she declareth to her all that the man hath done to her. RUTH 3:17 And she saith, `These six `measuresof barley he hath given to me, for he said, Thou dost not go in empty unto thy mother-in-law.' RUTH 3:18 And she saith, `Sit still, my daughter, till thou dost know how the matter falleth, for the man doth not rest except he hath completed the matter to-day.