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PROV 25:1 Also these are Proverbs of Solomon, that men of Hezekiah king of Judah transcribed: -- PROV 25:2 The honour of God `isto hide a thing, And the honour of kings to search out a matter. PROV 25:3 The heavens for height, and the earth for depth, And the heart of kings -- `areunsearchable. PROV 25:4 Take away dross from silver, And a vessel for the refiner goeth forth, PROV 25:5 Take away the wicked before a king, And established in righteousness is his throne. PROV 25:6 Honour not thyself before a king, And in the place of the great stand not. PROV 25:7 For better `thathe hath said to thee, `Come thou up hither,Than `thathe humble thee before a noble, Whom thine eyes have seen. PROV 25:8 Go not forth to strive, haste, turn, What dost thou in its latter end, When thy neighbour causeth thee to blush? PROV 25:9 Thy cause plead with thy neighbour, And the secret counsel of another reveal not, PROV 25:10 Lest the hearer put thee to shame, And thine evil report turn not back. PROV 25:11 Apples of gold in imagery of silver, `Isthe word spoken at its fit times. PROV 25:12 A ring of gold, and an ornament of pure gold, `Isthe wise reprover to an attentive ear. PROV 25:13 As a vessel of snow in a day of harvest, `So isa faithful ambassador to those sending him, And the soul of his masters he refresheth. PROV 25:14 Clouds and wind, and rain there is none, `Isa man boasting himself in a false gift. PROV 25:15 By long-suffering is a ruler persuaded, And a soft tongue breaketh a bone. PROV 25:16 Honey thou hast found -- eat thy sufficiency, Lest thou be satiated `withit, and hast vomited it. PROV 25:17 Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house, Lest he be satiated `withthee, and have hated thee. PROV 25:18 A maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow, `Isthe man testifying against his neighbour a false testimony. PROV 25:19 A bad tooth, and a tottering foot, `Isthe confidence of the treacherous in a day of adversity. PROV 25:20 Whoso is taking away a garment in a cold day, `Is asvinegar on nitre, And a singer of songs on a sad heart. PROV 25:21 If he who is hating thee doth hunger, cause him to eat bread, And if he thirst, cause him to drink water. PROV 25:22 For coals thou art putting on his head, And Jehovah giveth recompense to thee. PROV 25:23 A north wind bringeth forth rain, And a secret tongue -- indignant faces. PROV 25:24 Better to sit on a corner of a roof, Than `witha woman of contentions, and a house of company. PROV 25:25 `Ascold waters for a weary soul, So `isa good report from a far country. PROV 25:26 A spring troubled, and a fountain corrupt, `Isthe righteous falling before the wicked. PROV 25:27 The eating of much honey is not good, Nor a searching out of one's own honour -- honour. PROV 25:28 A city broken down without walls, `Isa man without restraint over his spirit!