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PROV 7:1 My son! keep my sayings, And my commands lay up with thee. PROV 7:2 Keep my commands, and live, And my law as the pupil of thine eye. PROV 7:3 Bind them on thy fingers, Write them on the tablet of thy heart. PROV 7:4 Say to wisdom, `My sister Thou `art'.And cry to understanding, `Kinswoman!' PROV 7:5 To preserve thee from a strange woman, From a stranger who hath made smooth her sayings. PROV 7:6 For, at a window of my house, Through my casement I have looked out, PROV 7:7 And I do see among the simple ones, I discern among the sons, A young man lacking understanding, PROV 7:8 Passing on in the street, near her corner, And the way `toher house he doth step, PROV 7:9 In the twilight -- in the evening of day, In the darkness of night and blackness. PROV 7:10 And, lo, a woman to meet him -- (A harlot's dress, and watchful of heart, PROV 7:11 Noisy she `is', and stubborn, In her house her feet rest not. PROV 7:12 Now in an out-place, now in broad places, And near every corner she lieth in wait) -- PROV 7:13 And she laid hold on him, and kissed him, She hath hardened her face, and saith to him, PROV 7:14 `Sacrifices of peace-offerings `areby me, To-day I have completed my vows. PROV 7:15 Therefore I have come forth to meet thee, To seek earnestly thy face, and I find thee. PROV 7:16 `Withornamental coverings I decked my couch, Carved works -- cotton of Egypt. PROV 7:17 I sprinkled my bed -- myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. PROV 7:18 Come, we are filled `withloves till the morning, We delight ourselves in loves. PROV 7:19 For the man is not in his house, He hath gone on a long journey. PROV 7:20 A bag of money he hath taken in his hand, At the day of the new moon he cometh to his house. PROV 7:21 She turneth him aside with the abundance of her speech, With the flattery of her lips she forceth him. PROV 7:22 He is going after her straightway, As an ox unto the slaughter he cometh, And as a fetter unto the chastisement of a fool, PROV 7:23 Till an arrow doth split his liver, As a bird hath hastened unto a snare, And hath not known that it `isfor its life. PROV 7:24 And now, ye sons, hearken to me, And give attention to sayings of my mouth. PROV 7:25 Let not thy heart turn unto her ways, Do not wander in her paths, PROV 7:26 For many `arethe wounded she caused to fall, And mighty `areall her slain ones. PROV 7:27 The ways of Sheol -- her house, Going down unto inner chambers of death!